News Update
  • "10th Annual Conference of IDOS : Ophthalmology Tomorrow 2019" on 8th & 9th June 2019 at Brilliant Convention Centre Indore.

Warm Greetings to all.

I would like to thank all my society members to have placed me on such a high pedestal at such a stage in my career. I will keep my address as brief as my experience at such a post.

This year’s agenda is to streamline activities of the society especially the new ones like managing the website, membership activities and all round development of the members. Increasing local participation and involvement, covering hitherto untouched topics and non-technical but practical issues will be the focus. Practice management, Art of Living and other similar non-ophthalmic topics will be tried to be dealt with.

Our President, Dr Mahesh Somani, the man behind our web site has planned to shift all correspondence to emails. Postal correspondence will continue for another 3 months and then onwards all correspondence will be via email. The website also will be continuously updated and visitors can get updated information from there.

I hope to learn more from the society under the able leadership and guidance of Dr Mahesh Somani and Dr Satish Premchandani and then be able to deliver the high expectations.

Keep Smiling
Dr. Surbhi Gupta