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  • "10th Annual Conference of IDOS : Ophthalmology Tomorrow 2019" on 8th & 9th June 2019 at Brilliant Convention Centre Indore.
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Indore Divisional Ophthalmological Society

Looking back, looking forward

Ophthalmology in central India was a well established discipline even before independence and Indore was the main hub. Post independence also the science and art of ophthalmology prospered here as Indore became the commercial and medical capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh. In 1970,we used to hear about stalwarts of ophthalmology like Prof.G.S.Wagle, Prof. Dheer, Prof. R.P. Dhanda, and Dr. Gokuldas.

M.P. State Ophthalmological Society was formed in1973 with 6 Divisional branches located at the divisional headquarters which also happened to have the Medical colleges. Indore Divisional Ophthalmological was started in 1975 as a small organization with very few members, Prof . G.S.Wagle, Prof. M.C. Nahata and Dr. Mahashbde were among the founder members. The activities of the society were mainly organized in medical college as there were not many ophthalmologists in private. During the same year the M.P. State conference was held in Indore at M.G.M. Medical college.

Since there were very few members in the society at that time, the activities of the society were organized mostly in the medical collage. In the year1976 Prof M.C. Nahata was awarded the Dr. G.S.Wagle oration award for his work in the field of retina. Indore again hosted the state conference in 1982, the venue being again the M.G.M Medical College.

In 1983 Prof. R.P.Dhanda was elected the President of All India ophthalmological Society the first from the state. It was a matter of great pride for Indore Divisional Ophthalmological Society. By this time the number of ophthalmologist had increased in private sector and the society grew in strength. In 1984, the state conference was organized in Choithram Hospital. The memories of the conference are very vivid in our mind even today. Prof. V.Kalevar was elected the first lady President of M.P.State Society.

The society had grown in strength and with active participation and good co-operation the academic activities also increased. Members of the society started participating in various state and national conferences and won laurels .In 1990 the Central Zone

Society was formed with 3 states namely Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Indore Divisional Ophthalmological Society successfully organized the 2nd central zone conference. In the year 2000 .the society celebrated its Silver Jubilee in a grand way by having a grand conference in which for the first time 14 national level speakers were invited. This conference laid the foundation of an unmatched unity and solidarity amongst all the ophthalmologists of Indore Division which was recognized all over India by the ophthalmic fraternity. The M.P. State Ophthalmological Society conference held in 2004 at Indore created another milestone by having maximum number of delegates. The number crossed 300. Again it was a proof of united efforts of the members of our divisional society.

Our members continued to bring laurels to the society. Dr. V.Kalevar was elected President of AIOS and Dr Rajiv Choudhary won the election for Sc. Committee Member of AIOS twice with thumping margin of votes. Dr. P.S. Hardia's name appeared in the Guinness book of world records for largest number of eye surgeries done. Many members brought laurels to the society by winning awards ands medals at various national and state conferences. The list is long. Another feather in the cap is starting of a yearly conference of the society from last year appropriately named 'Ophthalmology Tomorrow'. Also we have started a Life Time Achievement Award in association with Sun Vision Pharma in witch citation and areal gold medal memento is given to a senior member of the society.

There are few dreams unfulfilled. We have to develop a good library of our society so that our members can have access to major international journals. Also we need to develop an inclination towards scientific research and more participation in national conferences. It would be good if we can plan and start some family benefit scheme for our members.

The society has also grown in numbers and we are nearly 190 now. With the active participation of all the members and with the exemplary unity and harmony amongst the members we aspire to take the society to still greater heights.

Long Live Indore Divisional Ophthalmological Society