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  • "10th Annual Conference of IDOS : Ophthalmology Tomorrow 2019" on 8th & 9th June 2019 at Brilliant Convention Centre Indore.
Ophthalmology Tomorrow-2010


Ophthalmology Tomorrow 2010

Annual Conference of Indore Divisional Ophthalmological Society: 5-6 June 2010
Venue: Hotel Sayaji, Indore


5th June 2010
8.00AM 8.45AM: Registration and Breakfast Introduction (8.55AM 9.15AM):

Curtain Raiser Dr. Satish Premchandani, Organizing Secretary
Welcome Address Dr. R. K. Srivastava, Organizing President
Introduction Dr. Rajiv Choudhary, Organizing Chairman Dr. Hemant Doshi, Scientific Committee Chairman

Cataract Session 1 (9.15AM 10.50AM):
Chairman : Dr. R. K. Srivastav
Co - Chairman : Dr.Sudhir Mahashabde
Moderator : Dr. Bharat Jain
9.15-9.23 What is new in Phaco machines and technology Dr. Prashant Bhartiya
9.25-9.33 Multifocal IOLs Dr. V. Nichlani
9.35-9.43 Torsional Phaco Dr. O.P. Agarwal
9.45-9.53 Limbal Relaxing Incisions Dr. S. Gokuldas
9.55-10.03 Post-LASIK IOL Power Calculation Dr. A.P. Shroff
10.05-10.20 Decentered/dislocated IOLs Dr. Harbansh Lal
10.22-10.30 Toric IOLs Dr. Rajiv Choudhary
10.32-10.40 Aberration free IOLs Dr. Hemant Doshi
10.40-10.50 Questions & Answers

Tea Break (10.50-11.10AM)
Cataract Session 2 (11.15AM-1.15PM):
Chairman : Dr. N. Saxena
Co - Chairman : Dr. Sharad Agarwal
Moderator : Dr. Harsh Dubey

11.15-11.30 Cataract Surgery in eyes with small pupil Dr. Harbansh Lal
11.32-11.40 Intracameral use of antibiotics Dr. Mahesh Garg
11.42-11.57 Comprehensive strategy in management of PCR Dr. A.P. Shroff
11.59-12.07 Scleral fixation of IOL Dr. P. Bhasin
12.09-12.17 Irrigating solutions and viscoelastics Dr. Ulka Srivastav
12.19-12.29 Accommodative IOLs Dr. Rajiv Choudhary
12.31-12.39 Change over from standard phaco to MICS Dr. Gurdeep Singh
12.39-12.50 Questions & Answers

Video Session (12.50-1.15)
Panelists :
Dr. A.P. Shroff Chairman Dr. Sudha Bhatia
Dr. Harbhansh Lal Co - Chairman Dr. Arvind Bhatnagar
Dr. Rajiv Choudhary
Dr. O. P. Agarwal

Lunch (1.15PM-1.55PM)
Retina Session 1 (2.00PM-3.25PM)
Chairman : Dr. Rajendra Agarwal
Co - Chairman : Dr. G. Chawla
Moderator : Dr. Sachin Burhanpurkar

2.00-2.15 Theme-Future trends in Diabetic Retinopathy Dr. Rajiv Raman
2.16-2.31 Update on management of CME Dr. Manish Nagpal
2.32-2.40 Posterior Segment OCT Dr. Rama Kumar
2.41-2.49 Management of CSR Dr. Arun Bhargav
2.50-2.59 Irrigating solutions and viscoelastics Dr. Pushpa Varma
3.00-3.21 PASCAL photocoagulation Dr. Tanuja Kate

Tea Break (3.30-3.35PM) Retina Session 2 (3.36-5.30PM)
Chairman : Dr. Pushpa Varma
Co - Chairman : Dr. V. Ahuja
Moderator : Dr. Praveen Saluja

3.36-3.46 Management of Dropped Nucleus &IOL Dr. Sandeep Asher
3.48-4.03 Surgery for IOFB and present trends in trauma management Dr. Tarun Sharma
4.27-4.35 Present management of Acute endophthalmitis Dr. S. Burhanpurkar
4.37-4.52 Current management of Rhegmatogenous RD Dr. Rajiv Raman
4.54-5.02 ROP Present trends Dr. S. K. Parwani
5.04-5.12 Eales' disease update Dr. G. Chawla
5.14-5.29 Eales' disease update Challenging Cases

8.00PM onwards: Life-time achievement award ceremony followed by Banquet
6th June 2010
Breakfast (8.00-8.45AM)
Refractive Surgery Session (9.00-10.35AM):
Chairman : Dr. P. S. Hardia
Co - Chairman : Dr. Anurag Shrivastava
Moderator : Dr. Amruta Lale

9.00-9.08 LASIK in Hypermetropia Dr. Sharadini Vyas
9.10-9.18 Collagen Cross Linkage present scenario Dr. S. Premchandani
9.20-9.28 Corneal Topography Dr. Suhas Bande
9.30-9.40 Limitations of LASIK Dr. D. Ramamurthy
9.42-9.52 Lasik on thin Cornea Dr. A. P. Shroff
9.54-10.02 Management of intraoperative complications of LASIK Dr. Radhika Bandi
10.04-10.12 ICLs My experience Dr. P. Bhasin
10.14-10.22 Science of Orthokeratology Col. Dr. Saxena
10.22-10.35 Questions & Answers

Tea Break (10.35-10.40AM)
10.45AM-12.00Noon : Installation Ceremony & Annual Oration Lecture by Dr. D. Ramamurthy

Lunch (12.30PM onwards)

Scientific Committee
Dr. Hemant Doshi
Dr. S. Barkalle Dr. Tanuja Kate
Dr. P. Bhartiya Dr. G. V. N. Ramakumar