News Update
  • First CME of this session on 22nd July. Guest speaker: Dr. Rajiv Raman from Shankar Nethralay, Chennai. Interactive discussion on Common Retinal Diseases.
  • AIOC 2019 is in Indore.
Email - Address List

Name Email Address Name Email Address
Dr. Aditya Agrawal Dr. Bhaskar Barhanpurkar
Dr. Rajendra Agrawal Dr. Manoj Bhatnagar
Dr. Sharad Agrawal Dr. Bhargav Arun
Dr. O. P. Agrawal Dr. Prashant Bhartiya
Dr. Mahesh Agrawal Dr. Shilpa Bhagwat
Dr. Teena Agrawal Dr. Sachin Barhanpurkar
Dr. Sunita Agrawal Dr. Urvi Barhanpurkar
Dr. Asgar Ali Dr. Usha Bhargava
Dr. Kamla Arya Dr. Rajiv Choudhary
Dr. P. K. Bajaj Dr. N. P. Choudhary
Dr. Vijay Bhaisare Dr. Seema Chokar
Dr. Suhas Bande Dr. Jitendra Choudhary
Dr. Sudha Hans Bhatia Dr. Hemant Doshi
Dr. Shobhana Barkalle Dr. Neeta Dang
Dr. Radhika Bandi Dr. Farroq

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