News Update
  • "10th Annual Conference of IDOS : Ophthalmology Tomorrow 2019" on 8th & 9th June 2019 at Brilliant Convention Centre Indore.
Election Procedure


  1. The election will be held at Annual General Body Meeting. Members having any arrears shall not be allowed to vote or contest in any election. The President and Vice President will not normally be re-elected for the next year.
  2. The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, Joint Secretary and Clinical Secretary will be elected by the members of General Body for a period of 1 term and will not be re-elected for more than 2 terms in the same capacity. Two members for the M.P.S.O.S. Managing Committee will be elected for one term as per M.P.S.O.S. constitution.
  3. No member will stay in the executive in the same capacity for more than 2 terms consecutively except the ex-officio member.
  4. The outgoing office bearers must handover charge by delivering all relevant papers of the society such as registers, correspondence, stationery, books of accounts and Library books etc. to the newly elected. The inventory of all the papers and property shall be signed by the outgoing and newly elected president.
  5. Office bearer shall cease to hold office
    1. On the election of new incumbent. If by a resolution the General Body decides by 2/3rdmajority of the total strength of general body members present that such office bearer be removed from the office, provided a notice of 2 weeks is given by placing the item on the agenda of the meeting. The quorum for such a meeting would be 25% A of the enrolled members not in arrears at that time.
    2. By voluntary resignation.
Eligibility For Various Officer


1. Must have been a member of good standing for a minimum period of 10 years.
2. Must have held an organizational position either as office-bearer or as member of the Executive Committee for a minimum period of one term.

2.Secretary: Treasurer

1. Must have been a member of good standing of the society for last 7 years.
2. Must have been a member of Executive Committee for at least one term.

3. Jt. Secretary, Clinical Secretary, Editor

1. Must have been a member of good standing (not in arrear) of the society for last 5 years.

4. Executive Committee, Scientific Committee and Finance Committee Members

1. Must be a member of good standing of the society for last 5 years.

Election Procedure
  1. Secretary shall invite nominations from amongst members for various posts at least 30 days before the due date. The proposal must be received on or before a date specified by him. He should forward all the proposals to the Election Commission before a Specified date for scrutiny. All valid nominations will be eligible for contesting the elections.
  2. Secretary should keep everything ready so that elections if necessary can be completed expeditiously by secret ballot.
  3. President will constitute a 2 member Election Commission with one of them as chairman/Returning Officer. Decision of the Commission shall be final. An aggrieved candidate may represent to Election Commission within 48 hours of the announcement of the result.
  4. In case of a tie recasting of vote of the President of the Meeting will decide the result.
  5. In case no valid nomination for a particular post is received within the due date, nomination from the floor will be asked for by the chairman of the Election Committee, during the annual general body meeting.
  6. No member can stand for two or more posts simultaneously.