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  • "10th Annual Conference of IDOS : Ophthalmology Tomorrow 2019" on 8th & 9th June 2019 at Brilliant Convention Centre Indore.

Registration No. Of Society : 03/27/03/12632/10

Indore Divisional Ophthalmological Society Indore Bye Laws

1.  Name : The society shall be called 'INDORE DIVISIONAL OPHTHALMOLOGICAL SOCIETY'.

2.  Address : Greater Kailash Hospital, 11/2, Old Palasia, Indore (MP).

3.  Jurisdiction : It will extend to whole of the State of Madhya Pradesh.

4.  Object :

  1. Cultivation and promotion of science of ophthalmology.
  2. To co-ordinate the activities and foster collaboration amongst the ophthalmologists of Indore.
  3. To promote a feeling of brotherhood amongst the members.
  4. To co-ordinate with the activities of various established Associations/Societies of medical discipline.
  5. Supervising and advising on legislation affecting ophthalmic practice, ophthalmologists and the science of ophthalmology.
  6. To undertake all such activities that may promote the furtherance of the above mentioned objects.

5.  Membership : The membership of the society shall be restricted by the following clauses:

1. Life Member : All members will be life members. Ophthalmologist with Degree or Diploma in Ophthalmology registered with State Medical Council (recognized by the Indian Medical council) who practices Ophthalmology as a specialty in the revenue Division area of Indore shall be eligible for membership. Application for membership shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary on a prescribed form duly proposed and seconded by two member of the society who has a personal knowledge of the applicant. All applications shall be considered and approved by the Executive Committee and membership will be ratified by the General Body.

2. Honorary Members :Persons who have rendered unequivocal service to the promotion of Ophthalmology will be eligible to be conferred honorary membership on the recommendation of the executive committee. Also, after continuous membership of 30yrs the executive committee may consider a member for offering Hon. Membership. Eminent ophthalmologists who are not the member of society can also be conferred Hon. Membership of Society on approval of the Executive. Persons approved by Executive for Hon. Membership shall be conferred the same at the next General Body Meeting. Hon. Member will be entitled to participate in all the activities of the society but shall not be entitled to vote at a meeting or hold any office. Present and past Presidents of All India Ophthalmologic Society will be made honorary members of the society.

3. Associate life Member (ALM) : Eye specialist practicing in any part of Indian union or living abroad having residence at Indore with qualification similar to RLM can be entitled to apply for ALM. They shall not be entitled to attend GBM are to vote or hold office in IDOS, otherwise other privilege will be same as RLM.

6.  Membership Eligibility: In addition to the qualification written herein above, a member is also required to fulfill the following conditions:

1. Is above 18 year old
2. He not been convicted for any illegal act or no criminal records.
3. Understand the aims and objectives of the society and desirous to fulfill it.
4. Those who apply and pay membership fees may be a member.
5. The Governing body has the power to accept or' reject applications for the membership of the society.

7.  Cessation Of Membership : The Membership of Society shall cease:

  1. By voluntary resignation of the member.
  2. By a decision of the Executive Committee by a 2/3rd majority to delete the name of any member from the register of membership for unprofessional behavior or conduct provided, the decision is ratified at the next General Body Meeting. Before any such action is taken the offending member shall be served a notice in writing to appear before the Executive Committee to explain his conduct.
  3. The member is declared insolvent.
  4. Upon death of a member.
  5. Upon a member being declared defaulter on two occasions during a calendar year.
  6. In case of the conduct of the member being found injurious to the reputation and interest of the Society or in any event, which is likely to disturb the order and its surroundings. The decision of the executive committee shall be final.

8.  Subscription : The Subscription for Life members shall be Rs 1500/ one time subject to revision by General Body.

9.  The General Body :The General Body of the society shall consist of all the members enrolled in the register of membership. This will be the supreme body of the Society and its decisions will be final and binding on the members. All powers of the Society, its Executive Committee, and of Office bearers shall be derived from the General Body, which shall be the sovereign authority of the Society.

10.  Committees :

1. Office bearers and Executive Committee:

A. Office bearers:
1. President 1 Year
2. Vice President 1 Year
3. Secretary 1 Years
4. Treasurer 1 Years
5. Editor 1 Years
6. Joint Secretary 1 Year
7.Clinical Secretary1 Years

B.Members: Executive committee:(1 Year) The Executive committee will comprise of office bearers and members as under:
    1. Six Members duly elected.
    2. Ex-Officio members: Immediate past President and Secretary and representatives on Managing Committee of M.P.S.O.S. All the office bearers and Executive Members will be Honorary and shall not be paid any Honorarium.
    3. Co-option elected president can coopt. three (3) members for executive committee preferably member outside Indore of adjoining cities.

2. Scientific Committee: (1 Year) The three member Scientific Committee will be formed with clinical Secretary as the chairperson. She/He will nominate two more members. President and Secretary will be the ex-officio members. The committee will plan and implement the scientific activities of the calendar year.

3. Editorial Committee: (1 Year) The three member Editorial Committee will be formed with Editor as the chairperson. He/she will nominate two more members. President and Secretary will be the ex-officio members. The editorial committee will publish the news Bulletin every three months.

4. Finance Committee: (1 Year) The Finance committee will consist of three past Presidents nominated by the executive committee and approved by the Gen. Body. The committee will maintain a record of the Reserve funds of the society and also keep a record of the life membership account. The surplus from the general account will be transferred to the reserve fund. In case of deficit in the general account funds will be transferred from the reserve fund on recommendation of the committee subsequent to approval by the executive committee

11.  Election :

  1. The election will be held at Annual General Body Meeting. Members having any arrears shall not be allowed to vote or contest in any election. The President and Vice President will not normally be re-elected for the next year.
  2. The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, Joint Secretary and Clinical Secretary will be elected by the members of General Body for a period of 1 term and will not be re-elected for more than 2 terms in the same capacity. Two members for the M.P.S.O.S. Managing Committee will be elected for one term as per M.P.S.O.S. constitution.
  3. No member will stay in the executive in the same capacity for more than 2 terms consecutively except the ex-officio member.
  4. The outgoing office bearers must handover charge by delivering all relevant papers of the society such as registers, correspondence, stationery, books of accounts and Library books etc. to the newly elected. The inventory of all the papers and property shall be signed by the outgoing and newly elected president.
  5. Office bearer shall cease to hold office
    1. On the election of new incumbent. If by a resolution the General Body decides by 2/3rdmajority of the total strength of general body members present that such office bearer be removed from the office, provided a notice of 2 weeks is given by placing the item on the agenda of the meeting. The quorum for such a meeting would be 25% A of the enrolled members not in arrears at that time.
    2. By voluntary resignation.
12.  Eligibility For Various Officer:

1. Vice-President:

1. Must have been a member of good standing for a minimum period of 10 years.
2. Must have held an organizational position either as office-bearer or as member of the Executive Committee for a minimum period of one term.

2. Secretary: Treasurer

1. Must have been a member of good standing of the society for last 7 years.
2. Must have been a member of Executive Committee for at least one term.

3. Jt. Secretary, Clinical Secretary, Editor

1. Must have been a member of good standing (not in arrear) of the society for last 5 years.

4. Executive Committee, Scientific Committee and Finance Committee Members

1. Must be a member of good standing of the society for last 5 years.

13.  Election Procedure

1. Secretary shall invite nominations from amongst members for various posts at least 30 days before the due date. The proposal must be received on or before a date specified by him. He should forward all the proposals to the Election Commission before a Specified date for scrutiny. All valid nominations will be eligible for contesting the elections.
2. Secretary should keep everything ready so that elections if necessary can be completed expeditiously by secret ballot.
3. President will constitute a 2 member Election Commission with one of them as chairman/Returning Officer. Decision of the Commission shall be final. An aggrieved candidate may represent to Election Commission within 48 hours of the announcement of the result.
4. In case of a tie recasting of vote of the President of the Meeting will decide the result.
5. In case no valid nomination for a particular post is received within the due date, nomination from the floor will be asked for by the chairman of the Election Committee, during the annual general body meeting.
6. No member can stand for two or more posts simultaneously.

14.  Meetings

1. Clinical Meetings:

1. Clinical meeting of the Society will normally be held once a month preferably on last Saturday.
2. The Honorary Secretary shall circulate the notice of the meeting at least a week in advance. The Clinical secretary will prepare an outline of the program for the year and circulate it to all the members at the installation ceremony.
3. The President or in his absence the Vice-President, shall preside at all meeting of the Society.

2. Special Meetings: A special meeting of the society can be called to discuss any agenda at the instance of Executive Committee or the President or on a written requisition by at least 20% of enrolled members of the Society and with prior information at least 10 days in advance.

3. The Annual General Body Meeting: Shall be held once in a year preferably in the month of April. The notice of the meeting shall be circulated along with the agenda at least one month before the date fixed for the meeting. A copy of the audited statement of accounts shall be issued at least two weeks before the meeting. The business at this meeting shall include:

1. Confirmation of the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.
2. Adoption of the annual report of the Executive Committee presented by the Hon. Secretary.
3. Passing the statement of audited accounts for the preceding year presented by Hon. Treasurer.
4. Report from representative to M.P.S.O.S.
5. Ratification of new numbers.
6. Consideration of any other business or resolution that may be laid before the meeting provided that the Hon. Secretary has received due notice at least 4 weeks before the meeting for consideration by the Executive before putting it to General Body.
7. Election of the Office Bearers, and members of Executive Committee, and Auditor to audit the accounts of the Society.
8. Address of the outgoing and incoming president.

Quorum for any General Body Meeting or Special meeting: l/4lh of the total number of members or 10 members whichever is less shall: form the quorum. If within half an hour from the appointed time of the meeting, the quorum is not present, the meeting shall proceed with its deliberation provided the quorum is not less than 6 members. No quorum shall be required for a meeting convened for scientific purpose only.

4. Installation of new office bearers: The new team of executive will be swarm in at an installation programme to be held within a month of electrics of new office bearers. The Programme will be in two parts.

1. Oration Lecture
2. Installation

The Programme will be presided by the outgoing president and the Hon. Secretary will conduct the installation programme. The oration programme will be concluded by the clinical-secretary.

15.  Powers And Functions Of The Executive

1. President: He shall regulate the working and preside over the meeting of the society and Executive Committee including the next General Body meeting. He shall enforce the observance of the rules and regulations. President can permit the consideration of any other item even if the same has not been included in the agenda for the meeting. He shall also be the Ex-officio member of all the committees formed by the society and shall be empowered to constitute committee/subcommittee as deemed fit in consultation with Executive Committee members.

2. Vice President: He will act as President in his absence.

3. Secretary:

  1. The Secretary shall manage all the correspondence and shall record the minutes of the General Body Meeting, Executive Committee meeting and any special meetings which will be read and confirmed at the following respective meetings of the Society.
  2. He shall have the charge of the office and shall keep a register of all the papers communicated to him. He will be responsible to the Society for carrying out of the resolutions to the Society. All records shall be open to inspection of the President.
  3. All documents and contracts shall be executed jointly by the president & secretary or any other officer of the Society.
  4. The properties of the Society shall be in possession and control of the Secretary or any other officer of the Society deputed by the Executive Committee and they will handover the charge to their respective successor within a month of their election.
  5. The Secretary shall not incur extraordinary expenditure without the previous sanction of the executive committee except for the purpose of holding the annual or other meeting, which he may do with the concurrence of the President and the Treasurer. An appropriate amount will be kept with Secretary as impress money as approved by the Executive Committee.
  6. He shall be the member Secretary of all the committees.

4. Joint Secretary: He shall perform all duties assigned to him by the secretary and will officiate for him in his absence.

5. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive money for the society and shall make all payments in accordance with the rules framed by the Executive Committee and shall keep an accurate account of all such transactions and every receipt issued be signed by him. He will prepare a statement regarding the financial position of the society, which will be audited by the auditor and will present the same at the Annual General Meeting for adoption. He shall place before the Executive Committee a financial statement showing the Income & expenditure, arrears etc. as and when required.

6. Clinical Secretary: Will head the Scientific Committee and formulate and conduct the Scientific Committee. programme of monthly clinical meeting. The official part of the meeting will be conducted by Hon. Secretary will organize an IDOS oration lecture at the time of installation of new office bearers. The guest orators will be decided by the executive committee in consultation with clinical secretary.

7. Editor :

1. He shall be responsible for the publication of the quarterly Journal of IDOS.
2. A sum of Rs.8000 shall be available per issue of journal from the society's funds. However, the editor is expected to raise some amount on his own from advertisements/sponsorships required for the publication of Journal/proceedings. The executive may revise this amount if required.

8. Functions of the Executive Committee:

1. The Executive Committee shall mange the affairs of the Society and act on its behalf throughout the year.
2. The committee shall have the power to fill up any vacancy during their tenure of office except that of Vice-President.
3. Four members shall form the quorum for any meeting of the Executive Committee.
4. It shall meet as often as is necessary, but at least four times a year.
5. Shall have power to form Committee/Subcommittee as deemed fit.
6. Executive Committee meeting shall be called by the secretary in consultation with the President for which a notice of one week shall be given.
7. Emergency Executive Committee Meeting can be called by the President at a notice of 24 hours for a specific agenda. 8. l/3r of Executive Members can requisite Executive Committee Meeting by submitting a proposal in writing to Secretary/President for a specific purpose.

Meeting shall be called at the earliest and not later than one week of the notice.

9. Representatives to M.P.S.O.S: They will act as liaison officers between M.P.S.O.S & Society and shall keep the members informed of the activities of M.P.S.O.S.

16.Accounts The accounts of the society shall be kept under the following heads:

General Accounts: It will include all receipts by way of

1. Interest from the Life membership account.
2. Any payment received for holding the meetings, printing, stationery publications etc. required for the efficient working of the society.

Life Membership Account: All subscriptions from life membership shall be deposited in this account and put in long term fixed deposits. These deposits will not be cashed unless specifically approved by General Body in case of emergency. However, the interest received from this account may be used in day to day running of the society.

Operation of accounts:

1. Thee account shall be maintained in the name of "Indore Divisional Ophthalmological Society".
2. The bank account shall be operated jointly by the treasurer along with the President or Secretary.
3. The financial year of the society shall be from the 1st April to 31st march of the following year.

17.Publication The Society shall undertake to publish bulletins, memorandum or other documents from time to time as decided by the Executive Committee or General Body.

18.Affiliation To Other Societies The Society shall get affiliated to the state society and to other societies interested in ophthalmology or allied fields. It may act as host for the Scientific Conference of such societies, when held in Indore.

19.Prizes And Trophies The Society may constitute awards, prizes or trophies to individuals or institutions for services rendered to the Society contributions in the field of ophthalmology and raising the standard of clinical meetings on the recommendations of the Executive Committee.
The Executive may institute any other commemorative awards/trophies if suitably financed by the donor. The amount should be a minimum of Rs. 30, 000/- which should be placed in a fixed deposit.

20.Amendments To Constitution Any proposed amendment to the articles of the constitution of the Society shall be placed before the Next Annual Body meeting or any special meeting of the society convened for such purpose. No alterations, additions or deletions, to the existing constitution shall be made without the approval of at least 2/3rd majority of the members present and voting at the meeting.

21.Dissolution The Society may be dissolved; if 3/5 of the members of the Society expresses a wish for such dissolution by their votes and delivered in person at a General Meeting convened for the purpose. That after dissolution of the Society if there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever. The same shall not be paid or distributed among the members of the Society but shall be given to some other Society having similar objects, to be determined by the votes of not less than 3/5 of the members present at the time of dissolution of the Society.

22.Meeting By Registrar According to registered Regulations of the Society, not conducting the annual meeting by the office bearers or otherwise if it is necessary; the Registrar of Firms and Societies will have right to call meeting. Along with this will decide the subject matter for consideration in the meeting.

23.Dispute On arising of any kind of dispute in the Society, The President with the permission of General Body will have the right to solve it. If with the finding or decision the parties are not satisfied then the decision of the Registrar will be final and acceptable to all.